Sunday, October 9, 2011

What To Do With This Hair of Mine?




Hey there natural hair enthusiasts!

So shots A-C show my general cluelessness about what to do with my hair for the week. It's been clarified, deep conditioned and air-dried in bun (a sleek one I might add, for a 90th birthday party I had to attend yesterday for a relative) and now I'm up  this morning and full of energy, with no idea on how to style it. Should I do curl formers? A Twist-out? Should I do a protective style like twists or box braids? Bun it? Alas, the possibilities seem endless.

I plan on relaxing today and tomorrow (since I'm off from work) and I have some time to play in my hair. I've been having the urge to wear it straight for a bit, which usually happens when I'm utterly bored and need a drastic change up so that might be coming within the next couple of weeks. But for right now, what should I do ladies and gents? How should I style my hair for the week?


  1. You should create another one of your awesome twisted styles!

  2. I have to search for almost a week for a style I want to wear or I will end up in the same predicament on every wash day.


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