Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hair For the Week: Straight Natural (With Ponytail Amusement)

Good morning folks! So last week I got my hair straightened by none other then SPStyles (she's the only stylist I can always trust to do my hair). And boy, did she tackle my mane! It was washed, conditioned, blow-dried, flat-ironed and trimmed. I've definitely retained length; my hair is actually crawling to the bra-strap area.

These pictures aren't official "length shots" or anything, and actually I'm pretty sure I took these a day or two after I got it done. Having it straight made me realize how massive my hair is and how much I've been appreciating it--my hair has never been this healthy and long and I've been natural my whole life! I didn't really wear my hair down because this past week was windy and rainy, which was fine because I went straight for the ponytail, which amused me because of how full my hair was in these ponytails. I love wearing big, poofy side ponytails but this was a nice change up...

My ponytails were long and swinging and swooshing (LOL). It was definitely fun for me.

I kept my hair moisturized with coconut oil and either pin-curled or wrapped. I suck at wrapping my hair, but SP made me promise that I'd try some more. She pointed out how I could do intricate twisted styles and such, but refused to learn to just pin and wrap? Good point. So I spammed her phone with pictures of my attempts, but I'll only show you guys one.

Oh and this is my straightened hair back in February. I've had a trim another time after that (I believe in April) and I've been using the "search and destroy method" to snip ends and knots out, but I'm happy with the length I've managed to retain. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I really want long hair simply so I can have really long braids. Perhaps by the New Year I'll be bra-strap? Guess we'll see.

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