Saturday, October 1, 2011

Bad Comment About Your Natural Hair? "Dust Your Shoulders Off"

--You're at a party with family you haven't seen in a while. You're loving the way you look and your twist out looks gorgeous. A cousin tells you that you shouldn't be wearing your hair like that because it's upsetting an aunt, showing up with "nappy" hair.

--You've just mastered a new hairstyle. You've been practicing it for weeks and finally you've gotten your hair to look amazing. Your significant other (boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife) really isn't feeling the look and tells you so.

-- Another celebrity once again sounds off about wanting someone with good hair, and you know your hair type isn't what they have in mind.

--Your parents are asking you when you're going to do something about "that hair of yours."

-- At work, you are told by another black co-workeryour braids/locks/twists are inappropriate and will not get you a promoted

-- A friend has offered to straighten your hair for you and you know they mean well but it's still rubbing you the wrong way.

What do you do?

Dust your shoulders off.

I know it can be tough because the people who are the closest to you may be the ones who are making these comments. But take a moment today to just look at your curls/coils/waves and appreciate who you are and what you've got, whether you're transitioning or fully natural. And once you've done that, feel free to let us know what you've discovered about loving your hair! Let's keep positive vibes!

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  1. LOL! Currently helping my friend that offered to straighten my hair recover from heat damage. Lesson learned *smile*


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