Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Clarifying Methods

At times, your hair may start feeling a little "gunky" or it may look a little dull. The products you normally use may not seem to work. Your scalp could be itchy and dry; it might just seem overall unmanageable.

 It might be time to clarify to remove product build up from your hair. Here are some methods/products to choose from:

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: Commonly referred to as "ACV rinse" in the natural world, it's great for the hair and skin. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. I personally used to do this every couple of weeks for the sake of my scalp and to keep my hair shiny--I don't anymore because my hair is colored. Apple Cider Vinegar should be diluted with water because it is very acidic. I loved the results because my hair would be shiny and my curls would pop.
(Reference 1 Reference 2)

Bentonite Clay: I've discussed my experiences with the clay  and have loved it. It is said to remove product build-up and is great for the skin as well. Mixing it is very easy, (just be sure not to use aluminum) and left on for 20 minutes tops. It can used as a shampoo replacement or after shampoo.
(More References here and here)

Brown Sugar Scrub: I personally have never used this method for my scalp, but it sounds interesting. Brown sugar is an exfoliant used in many beauty products (I've used it for my lips); some naturals use it for the scalp. Here's a recipe  for an easy brown sugar scrub.

Clarifying Shampoos: If you're not interested in using any of the above methods, you can just find a clarifying shampoo to use. They generally shouldn't be used very often because it can dry out your hair, and if you have color treated hair it can fade the color faster. Lately I've been using Curls Clarifying Shampoo which works really great so far. My hair doesn't feel dry and stripped and after using it my curls are defined and ready for conditioner.

Have any of you used any of these methods? What are other methods of cleansing/clarifying do you folks use?

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