Friday, June 25, 2010


What do i do with this little bit of short hair?
Im bored of the same old hairstyles!
I feel like im gonna have a twa forever!!!!!
This twa is such a snooze
Yup, i got the TWA blues....

Lately, every hairstyle i try, i hate. I feel like a baby with a clip in the front or flat twists in the front and little afroey curls in the back. Headbands usually hurt and squeeze my head so i don't wear 'em often (also cuz of my 5-head!) and i'm tired of just wearing it curly in wash n go's, little afros or little 2 strand twists...  i need some more options!!!!

Exhibit A =====>
An attempt @ a frohawk (Gone wrong, and definitely did not wear this out of the house!)
The curls in the middle/top couldn't figure out what they wanted to do, hang or fro it out, and im not a fan of the mini box of hair in the middle that seems to happen when u do a frohawk on a twa and it  shrinks up... guess i'll just wait until my hair gets a little longer.....WOMP, WOMP.

Until then, it looks like this is my only other option in TWA styling, either my afro or flat twists (besides just wearing it curly of course).
I can't wait to see how my style options change as i gain more and more length!

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  1. I think it look well nice, I love the third style, on the right.

    Be patience with it... It will grow...

    Here's a video with some styles I think you should watch if you haven't;


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