Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I made a decision to start using Body Art Quality Henna for my hair after reading about it for the past 6 months (yes, that's how long I was researching it!). I wanted to find a way to add some color to my hair without it being damaging. I have colored  my  hair with box dyes mostly with browns and reds but I even had gold and orange hi-lights. The colors were nice and weren't tacky (as outrageous as some  of it may sound) but my hair wasn't being taken care of so it dried out and broke off. (I'm not against using commercial dyes, fyi.) So I started reading about pure henna. Some facts about it:

- Henna is a plant that grows to about 6 meters high. Found to grow in parts of Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.
- the leaves have red-orange dye (lawsone). There is no such thing as pure "black" henna or "Blonde" henna, they are probably mixed with other compounds that can even be harmful
- Body Art Quality henna comes in a powder, mix it with a slightly acidic liquid (lemon juice, tea, ect) to release the dye 
- Safer to use then commercial dyes. Can also be used over commercial dyes, chemically processed hair (relaxers etc) and natural hair
- doesn't lighten dark hair; rather it gives a shine. Best explanation is CurlyNikki's when she said it's like coloring with an orange crayon on black paper.
-Strengthens and conditions hair.

So since I am a little addicted to color and want to have healthy hair, I gave it a try. I'll write about my experiences with it in an upcoming post, so stay tuned. In the mean time, you can read more information about it here, and check out the results from bloggers who use henna (CurlyNikki, The Feisty House, or Tia )

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