Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Naming of Things

Perhaps you are familiar with the phrase that is the title of this blog. Perhaps not. But the story goes that when I was younger, I would hear girls say, Your Africa is showing! and that meant that the roots were curling and it was time for a touch-up. That's right, time to get that relaxer. I thought it was an interesting phrase because although it was funny, it sounded to me like the girls who said this were saying that their natural hair was bad because it would be a reminder that they were of African descent. To them, it was a bad thing.

Over here, on this space it's not. SP Styles and I (Curly Film Chick) are American by way of Brazil, Haiti, Grenada, The Dominican Republic, Barbados, and the original inhabitants of the United States (read: Native American/Indigenous) and possibly more, but we have different grades of Afro-textured hair. A hair type that may not be embraced by stylists and the high society of beauty, but we have decided to do so.

And for those who feel like we're part of the "natural-hair nazi" crew, we aren't. Being natural and staying natural is a personal decision the both of us have made and we really could care less if someone has decided to be natural or not (grant it, I love natural hair and I admit, I am biased =) ) We're more than happy to give other naturals or hair enthusiast information and inspiration on how to care for hair practically This is for those who are just learning to love their texture or wanting to maintain it better. 

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Hi girls,
    Very excited about finding a new, I love the name I've never heard that phrase before.

    I'm also from Barbados and Grenada via London, UK LOL. Great introduction can't wait for some more posts and check out my blog - www.beautifulms.blogpot.com. Nay xoxo

  2. Thanks beautifulms! I looked at your blog, congrats on your big chop!!



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