Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

My birthday just passed, actually this past Tuesday on June 15th and i was so up in the air about what to do with my hair. I went online and ordered some curly weave last week, intending to install it and rock a cute curly bob for my b'day but decided not to because my man really loves when i wear my natural hair out. He's growing his natural hair out too and i know he wanted us to show off as a beautiful natural couple with our little twa's, lol. I currently am rocking a 2.5" to 3" TWA (teenyweenyafro!) and had no idea what to do with it.... help! 

I smoothed my curls in the shower with conditioner, rinsed my hair and shook out the excess water, so as not to manipulate my curls and make them frizzy. After air drying for about an hour, my hair looked like this ===>

What to do now?! 
I sectioned out the front part of my hair, divided the front section by a side part, added a little IC Fantasia Aloe Gel and got to making a two-strand flat twist head band across the front. Once i finished my headband, the rest of my curls were still a little damp, so for definition and frizz control, i used my trusty Kinky Curly Curling Custard and smoothed a little over my curls, section by section, and voila!
How's that for TWA birthday hair?!


  1. Looks cute I like the colour it looks brownish-red. I wish my hair tighter curls so I could plait it up like that in the front.

    Anywho Happy Birthday to you...

  2. Thank you! I saw your curls too and they are beautiful
    That's just a flat 2 strand twist that you can secure on the side with a pin or clip of your choice if you think they'll slip out :)


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