Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Perfect Day! (Concert, Accessories and More!)

I woke up yesterday morning feeling so bored with my hair, feeling like it was entirely too short to do anything with it and to my surprise, i learned i can do a pouf now!!! 
* I'd like to give a special shout out to KCCC for holding down the frizz!*

I took the flat twists out, picked my hair out and added some natural whipped Shea butter and Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave In Conditioning Cream, then added KCCC all around the edges, used my boar's head bristle brush (for the first time in months) to smooth everything down, put my headband on and pushed it back to my desired look,then tied it down with a head scarf while i showered, and from this, my first pouf since parting with my relaxed hair was born!

Originally i was supposed to meet with Curly Film Chick for some fun in the sun on Governor's Island today, but i got a pleasant surprise call from my mother saying that my cousin had some Maxwell and Jill Scott concert tickets that she wouldn't be able to use, so she bought the tickets for my boyfriend and I!!!!
What a great surprise!!! (Thanks Momma! You're the bestestessesss!!!)
My Cousin Mo' had just came from Khamitkinks ( after getting the new growth from her sister locs twisted when i went to pick up the tickets from her, and she was looking so beautiful so i had to take a quick pic with her. She just made 2 years with her sister locks and they are way past her shoulders (as you can see, they were in Bantu Knots) and her skin was so beautiful too. 
Thanks for the tickets cuzzo! (My pouf was all flat in the back from leaning on it on the train ride into BK).  
The concert was awesome!!!!! It was so nice to go and see some real TALENT, as i feel like in this new age of pop music, there has been more and more people making music with no talent, maybe just a pretty face and/or a lot of hype surrounding them.... wont say any names :) Jill Scott and Maxwell really know how to put on a show, that's for sure!!! They are both so beautifully talented  in their own ways, and i appreciate them for always keeping it real as artists.
Unfortunately because of the lighting i couldn't get the greatest shots of Jill Scott but her afro was bangin'!!! (That's a good thing :)

I will also say, i wish i could have taken pictures of everybody cuz the naturals were in full effect today! I was in curls, locs, and afros heaven and i was loving it, as i caught myself staring too long, wanting to reach out and touch people's hair, and even wanted to ask them to take a picture with me, but i didn't want to be too forward. Black people were out looking good and enjoying themselves tonight; The Grown, Sexy, and keepin' it real and natural crowd was out tonight and i felt so proud to be a part of that

I really enjoyed the show tonight and it was such a pleasure to see my Aunty Betty looking as young and beautiful as ever. She is a natural too who is starting her locs over again and they are so beautiful! I wish i took a picture up close so you could see how silky and shiny her hair was. I love it!!!

On another note, i bought some great accessories today!!! While walking to go meet up with a friend in Spanish Harlem, i passed this Native American lady's stand where she was selling all handmade one of a kind pieces made by her... i had no choice but to stop when i saw all the turquoise on the table! I also try my best to support those who deserve it.
For starters, wow! What a gorgeous woman! i wanted to touch her silky long braid so bad, but i didn't, lol.
She goes by Peaceagle and she is on 3rd avenue, between 105th and 106th streets on the SW corner. Please go see her if you would like some amazing pieces! Have a baby? Even cuter than that are the baby moccasins she has (so mad @ myself for not taking a picture).
The feather earrings i bought are amazing!!!! The Turquoise part is suede, the black feather under it is leather, mixed with real feathers and beads.The necklace and ring are real Turquoise and i love the shape of the ring, looks like Africa to me!
I actually wore the necklace and ring as soon as i bought them, and realized my outfit was missing them all along! Unfortunately she had just run out of business cards but i will be back to collect more info from her!!! I had Big Chocolate take some pics of me wearing the pieces i bought from her so you all will be able to see, and i will post some pics from the night in general so you can see how i wore the pieces, how my pouf was over the day,our cool concert tees and all the fun we had! Please enjoy and i hope my perfect day can somehow inspire yours!!! 
(Waves Spinnin' in a candid shot by Big Chocolate) I love Jill's fro on her t-shirt! that's my fro dream.

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  1. Um, so I'm jealous that you got to go. Your hair looks really nice and you wear it very confidently.


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