Sunday, June 17, 2012

Natural Hair Appreciation From other Cultures

I was walking down the street when I saw this Japanese cutie!!! It was about 3 weeks ago so unfortunately I don't remember her full name, just her nickname, Mimi. She didn't really speak much english so I didn't ask her much about her hair or regimen, but she did allow me to take some photos of her awesome hair. I'm going to assume she has a curly perm and did a braid out on hair that was maybe a little teased out... idk.. but i thought it looked super cool for trying to imitate naturally highly textured hair, especially coming from super straight asian hair. 

Funny thing is, I would say I'm semi-obsessed with Japanese culture, especially Harajuku culture when it comes to fashion, and I love the fact that there is an openly huge admiration for black culture and beauty in the Japanese culture (I say openly because we all know a lot of other cultures rob our cultures/swag and give us no credit). 
As we go to great lengths to achieve our straight, acceptable by society hair with relaxers and heated tools, it's really cool to see people who appreciate our hair enough to go to the same lengths to get our look. 

Origato! Namaste!

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