Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Question Revamped: Dealing With Negative Hair Comments ON A DATE!

My first Sunday Question! Yay!! lol

While reading through the blog, I had came across one of Curly Film Chick's loved Sunday Questions about dealing with negative hair comments and it really triggered a few thoughts of my own, especially being I recently went through a situation I thought I should post about...

A few weeks ago, I met a new guy (uhg... single life) and decided he seemed nice enough to allow him to take me on a date. He was a black guy, of Carribean descent, so I was very taken aback when he decided to make a "joke" about my hair. He was wearing one of these hats:
And proceeded to tell me not only that my hair looked like his hat, but that I needed to give Oprah her hair back.

Last I checked, I actually wouldn't mind having some hair like Oprah's, in any state... we all know Oprah has that good hair. lol

I'm new to the dating world, but I know thats definitely not okay, joke or not. I responded with my greatest amount of sarcasm "Oh, I'm sorry I'm black" and proceeded to do my best not to choke him out.
He was surprised that I didn't find it funny (dumb@$$) but I just didn't get where any one in their right mind would think that's okay...
 I mean I met him on the day I had this hairstyle (not the style that was judged) but I guess he didn't notice then that I had natural hair... and that I was black ... so I don't know what he was expecting. 
It doesn't even surprise me that it would be coming from a black man either...

What do you think ladies? Have you ever experienced such adversity on a date? Even when dating "your own kind"? 


  1. Hi first off let me say I love your blog. I just came across it. I have been natural for over 5 years. What I have found is that guys of other races seem to appreciate our hair more then a lot of brothers do. Im not saying All men but a lot of our men that I have run into have asked " Do you ever straighten your hair? Do you always wear your hair like that ? I have also heard " So you have that Jill Scott thing going on? When I meet men of other races it seems like they are fine with out hair. I don't want to group all men as being the same im only speaking for the men I have met.

  2. I went out with a guy who "melted" over my long gorgeous, almost new "protective" styling half wig. He really thought it was my hair. I have flawless skin, so the fabulous hair was not a stretch. Well, during my two hour date, this guy was obviously a "hair" man by his pouring out of compliments after compliments. My half wig even passed his touch test. So I felt compelled to confess, that it was not all mine. Never heard from him again. No loss on my part. Some men are definitely hair men.


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