Sunday, February 12, 2012

Growing out of the Trial and Error Phase

It's been about 2 years natural and 1 year with this hair I have now (as I "big chopped again about a year ago), and It feels great to finally feel like most of my new trials should have minimal errors. These past 2 years have taught me so much about myself, my natural hair and caring for it, and really understanding what my hair needs.  Now that I've really learned more about different ingredients in products, I also realized that I'm having a lot less error when it comes to buying new products or tools to try.

Aside from the fact that I also feel like I've finally streamlined my top and favorite products, I have also seemed to streamline my methods too; Methods for detangling, twisting, parting, braiding, placement, washing, product application, mixing products and more. It's funny because I've been watching LOST from the begining on Netflix since the new year, and I've even gone as far as to thinking about what would be my regimen if I was stranded on a deserted island... papaya juice moisturizer? Detangling tool made out of bones or teeth of some sort (no snag?) Yes... I thought long and hard about this because you know I would still be trying to retain length on the island too... l wanna get rescued with some Rudy Huxtable/ Ciely braids! Lol Lemme stop now...
It definitely feels great to know what single strand knots are and how to keep them at bay, to understand moisturizing and how to do it properly, knowing that when I can't run my fingers through my hair, it's time for a trim, and just to have gotten into a flow of a regimen because I'm definitely not usually one to stick to a regimen.

I would say my favorite part has been my whole change of mindset when it comes to natural hair and beauty in general. It feels good to know that the ignornance of "good hair/ bad hair" has been erased from my mind and I now understand beauty and hair care practices.

What is has been your favorite part or least favorite part of doing your natural hair?
Any trials and or errors you're happy to be over?

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