Monday, June 6, 2011

On May 20th, I...

....straightened my hair! Yes, stupid to do on short natural hair in New York's humid spring but hey, I got the itch and also needed to trim my ends a little bit more so i did anyway. Remember when i mentioned that I straighted my hair recently back in my Side Puff! post? Well this is what i was talking about... nothing too special, especially thanks to the humidity so it was only semi-straight for about 2 days, but it's cool to have an update from the last time I straightened my hair.  Here goes!:

 So it has grown quite a bit, getting more bob- like which i love. I don't plan to straighten again until the weather is cool here in NYC, which probably won't be until mid to late September or even early October, so i'm hoping i will definitely be full neck length by then. I also don't plan to trim until late August/ early September so hopefully i can gain a good 2 inches by then, knowing that i will probably need about a 1/2 inch trim...
My pony got longer and thicker too! Yay!

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