Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hair Crush: Annie Ilonzeh

(Ugh!! I dream for a curly fro like this some day!!!)
 I don't remember what I was watching honestly, but I know I was flipping through the channels and came across this gorgeous head of curls. It was some award show, so luckily i got her name and started on my Google quest to identify the coif. Annie Ilonzeh, gorgeous girl and gorgeous hair! It appears she's mostly wearing her natural texture in a defined wash and go. Oh, who is she?
A Nigerian-American (No wonder where she gets that great smile) actress who has had staring roles on shows like General Hospital and most currently, the recreation of Charlie's Angels on ABC. She is also the first ever Black Charlie's Angel! Cool!
Some gratuitous pics of her on set which show some cool shots of her hair, and might I add that the other 2 Angels have lovely hair too.
 And of course her hair looks gorgeous straightened too.... drooling!


  1. I think Annie is mixed, which would explain her hair texture.I'm mixed an my hair does the same thing when it's cut.

  2. My hair does the same & I'm mixed also... my dad is light brown and my mom brown skin (being very sarcastic) Lol Just my way of saying nationality from "parents" doesn't typically weigh heavy on your Natural Hair Texture ^_^ However I absolutely love how she's representing #TeamNatural ! Her Fro & Confidence is So Awesome... I love all my naturalista's!!!!

  3. Yes Annie Illonzeh is mixed. Born August,1983 in Grapevine, Texas[IMDB.COM].Her father is Nigerian and her mother is European American.


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