Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Teyana Taylor's Ombre Curly Weave

Man, does Teyana Taylor always have great weave! And I live for Turquoise so you know I'm drooling all over that all turqiouse ombre. I really don't have much to say else to say except for the fact I love her weave (I don't really get why she's famous)... All the right colors and shades, beautiful natural textures; Just Beautifully executed. Teyana Taylor coming in at 9.7 on the weave scale! ( Sorry, I've been watching a lot of Olympics lately.)

If I could do this to my real hair ya'll know i would, but i'd likely go bald, lol.

What Do You Think About Teyana's Ombre?!


  1. I didn't know that was weave, her hair always looks the same.

  2. @alx Yeah... who ever does her hair does a great job, and she does swtich her styles from time to time, but yes, she wears weaves. I've seen photos of her real hair (didnt feel it necessary to post), but also as a hairstylist i can tell :)

  3. What type of curls are they tight or,deep curls and what shade of blonde is that i really would like to do this hair


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