Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Protective Styling For Natural Hair: The Case for Buns

I'm one of those naturals who has just discovered how great buns are; I seriously didn't know how to bun until recently, and I'm still experimenting. It's pretty much my go to style when my hair is loose and I don't want to do much to it.  I'm rocking a messy bun today which was done after a curl former set. All I need is a hair-tie and some bobby pins and I'm good to go on those mornings when I'm too groggy to care. I've done them on loose hair, wet, dry, twisted hair and braids.

The Pros: Buns are great for protecting your ends from ware and tare and stretching your curls/coils to lessen the chances of the dreadful single-strand knots. This style is also very versatile, relatively easy and great for any occasion. You can rock a sleek look for a formal event or a messy one for when you're heading to the store. You can have fun with the position of the bun--on the side, on top, or straight back, and let's not forget to play with parts! You don't need any "special" hair products to achieve this style either. Check out these posts for some buns SP and I have done.

Cons: If you aren't careful when creating a bun, you can pull at your edges a little too tight, or even unnecessarily rip out some hair. It's important to find a way to slick down edges in a gentle way. Also, it's important to continue to moisturize your hair if it's prone to drying out easily, so take down the bun for that purpose! Also, not all of us have hair long enough for a bun, but using a donut or a sock could help at creating an illusion of a fuller bun.

Tips on Upkeep: If you're rocking loose hair with your bun, make sure your hair is de-tangled well. Be sure to seal your hair with an oil or butter in preparation for creating the style, even if you have twists or braids. 

How do you folks feel about buns? Is it your favorite protective style? What are some of your bunning tips?

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