Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Natural @ Wilhelmina Deux

I hate when my life gets so busy that I have to do one of these where the heck has SP been? type of posts... but I guess that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes... Tis the season for back-posting!

 So... I'm loving Wilhelmina! Strolling into the office, it's all white and refreshing, the perfect temperature, carpeted walkways for Diva's like me who wants to walk every runway in heels and comfort, and my favorite, the free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and on Fridays, bagels and muffins! lol (I know, there's a hungry woman in this little body)
Having freelanced for the last four years, with the last three in Fashion, it's natural that I'm loving every aspect of Wilhelmina. I work in the Women's division, and as a hair and makeup artist I am usually working with agency models, but it's amazing to be able to see all of the girls come in on a regular basis. It feels like getting a private showing of the girls available for me to shoot! I'm learning more and more about the fashion industry and so many doors and opportunities are coming my way...  I'm super psyched and I can't wait to watch this journey of my life and career unfold.
Now while that's been unfolding, I've been doing Galaxy Knows What! with my hair, lol. For some reason, it seems as though whenever I hit busy moments in my life, It's like I forget everything I ever knew, everything I get on this blog and share with you all, and suddenly Her Majesty (My hair that is) becomes this beautiful foreign creature that I stare at and want to touch and understand, but somehow feel lost. I know a lot of it is due in part to my crazy mental hairstylist problems where I have issues with wearing the same hairstyle 2 or 3 days in a row sometimes... but a lot of protective styles just aren't me, especially at my current length and job location. I know I could have retained way more length by now, and my hair is definitely healthy and not breaking off, but without a lot of protective styling, I do need to trim a little more when the time comes. I do plan to protective style soon... I want to give myself a weave when I have the time and money to do so, just to switch up my look and not feel like I have to look the same everyday.

   In the curly competition there are a few hispanic and white (probably some white mixed) women with beautiful curls and waves I've been admiring. I've only seen one black girl with long beautiful curly hair, but she wears a bun everyday and  I've only seen her with her ponytail down like once.  
 I've been wearing my hair to work mostly in twist outs, wash n go's, updos, or straightened; Aside from my hair, everyone seems to also like my fashion style as I do get compliments on my outfits and shoes. Please forgive me for not really having photos but It's been so hectic for me that for the most part I haven't even gotten to take photos or the ones that have been taken aren't half decent to show you all. lol #shame
Here are some pictures I tried to take of my hair during these busy times..

I've been trying with the high-fashion, meets conservative, meets SP, lol. What do you all think? Any better suggestions on styles?

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